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La clemenza di Tito IT - 1791 1*
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 - 1791 AT 3*
Opera seria : Serious, noble opera with formal conventions and ancient, heroic or mythological themes .
Synopsis - Arias
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Mozart's last opera before his early death was extremely popular until 1830, after which the work's popularity and critical reputation began to decline they did not return to their former levels until after the Second World War.
Arias - Top
Ouverture 1*
Ah, perdona al primo affetto
Ah se fosse
Deh se piacer
Del più sublime soglio
Parto, parto
Deh per questo istante
Non più di fiori
S'altro che lagrime
Se all'impero
Tardi s'avvede
Torna di Tito a lato
Tu fosti tradito