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Djamileh FR - 1872
Georges Bizet 1838 - 1875 FR 3*
Opéra comique : Comic opera with themes ranging from light to serious and tragic. Contains spoken dialogue, recitatives and arias.
Libretto by Gallet based on A. de Musset
First performance at Paris, Opéra-Comique (Favart) on 22 May 1872
French libretto
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Djamileh, a beautiful slave, is in love with her master, Prince Haroun, a Turkish nobleman, who is tired of her and is about to sell her. Djamileh persuades Prince Haroun's secretary, Splendiano, who is in love with her, to aid her in regaining her master’s affections. She will marry Splendiano if she fails. With the secretary’s aid, when the slave dealer arrives, she is in disguise among the slaves offered to Haroun. She dances. Haroun is entranced, and immediately buys her. When she discloses her identity and pleads that her ruse was prompted by her love for him, he receives her back into his affections.